Insurance Scheme Symbol Insurance Scheme

Our Insurance Scheme has been developed to ensure that the majority of risks faced by our clients are covered by one insurance package, which includes extensions of cover rarely available in the commercial insurance market.

Insurance Scheme Symbol

The CIS Scheme of Insurance has four core components:

  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

We are also able to assist you, where necessary, in obtaining other insurances which aren’t provided as part of the Scheme, such as Motor Fleet or Engineering Insurance.

A unique benefit of participating in the CIS Scheme is that it is the only route by which an organisation can access insurance from the Catholic National Mutual Ltd., (‘CNM’), the Catholic Church’s own insurance company.

Some of the other benefits of participating in the CIS Scheme are:

High limits and broad cover

By operating a Scheme and accessing insurance from the CNM, we are able to offer clients extensions of cover that are tailored to their needs and rarely available in the commercial insurance market. Many smaller organisations will also benefit from higher limits than they would otherwise be able to secure economically.

Good value

The volume of organisations insured via our Scheme and the fact that the Catholic Insurance Service Ltd. does not seek to make a profit ensure we offer real value to our clients.

Ease of administration

The CIS Scheme has a common annual renewal date of 29 September. We deal with all the administrative aspects of the insurance renewal for our clients, including invoicing and collecting from individual parishes or sites where requested.

We also manage and administer a property insurance scheme for Catholic Voluntary Aided Schools (see Schools).

If you would like more information about the Catholic Insurance Service Ltd. or our insurance schemes, or to discuss your insurance needs with us, please contact us.