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Protecting your legal rights by providing access to appropriate legal advice.

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Legal Expenses insurance is designed to help you protect your legal rights by providing access to legal advice in respect of common legal issues, such as problems involving employees, suppliers, properties and taxation. Legal Expenses insurance also provides you with cover against the costs of some types of legal action you may have to take, or which may be brought against you.

It is important to appreciate that Legal Expenses insurance isn’t just there to help you after a legal issue has arisen. The Legal Expenses insurers also provide a free helpline to provide you with expert advice on a variety of legal issues including employment, tax and contracts. Seeking advice from the helpline at an early stage can help to prevent legal problems from arising.

We find that the Legal Expenses insurance is most commonly called upon in connection with employment issues and, subject to the policy terms and conditions, the policy provides cover for Employment Disputes (including the ACAS Early Conciliation process); Employment Status Disputes and for the Defence of Employment Claims brought against insured organisations.

Other areas covered under the CIS Scheme Legal Expenses policy include (subject to the policy terms and conditions):

  • Contract
  • Personal injury
  • Property
  • Taxation
  • Statutory Licence
  • Care Registration