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Providing protection for the people in your organisation.

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Employers’ Liability

If your organisation employs people in any capacity, you have a duty to protect them. In fact, you are required by law to have Employers’ Liability insurance. This insurance covers you against any compensation you might have to pay in respect of an injury or disease caused to an employee whilst they are at work. It will also cover you if you need to defend your organisation in respect of action taken against you for breaches of Health & Safety laws.

For example:

An employee of a charity trips over a computer cable and breaks their wrist, which results in a period of physiotherapy and treatment. They subsequently make a personal injury claim against the charity, alleging negligence in that such an obvious ‘trip hazard’ should have been identified and removed. The charity’s Employers’ Liability cover would deal with this claim (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).

It is possible that a volunteer, such as the person to whom responsibility for health and safety or maintenance has been delegated, could be sued in the event of an incident. We appreciate the vital part volunteers play and the invaluable assistance they provide to our clients. To provide your volunteers with some reassurance, the CIS Scheme Employers’ Liability Insurance includes cover for volunteers where claims are made against them personally rather than against your organisation.

Public Liability

If your organisation comes into contact with members of the public, you are likely to benefit from Public Liability Insurance. This insurance protects your organisation against claims which could be brought against you for compensation as a result of injury to third parties or damage to third party property.

For example:

A charity is having a fete on its premises, which attracts a lot of people. During the event a visitor trips over a loose carpet tile and breaks their ankle. They claim their accident was a result of poor maintenance of the building and make a personal injury claim against the charity. The CIS Scheme Public Liability Insurance would deal with this claim (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).

Other Areas of Liability Cover

In addition to Public and Employers’ Liability insurance, the CIS Scheme liability policies also provide cover in respect of other risks including Professional Negligence, Financial Loss, Corporate Liability and Charity Trustees’ Indemnity. We appreciate that charities rely heavily on volunteers to act as Trustees or to sit on management committees or boards and the Charity Trustees’ Indemnity insurance is designed to ensure these volunteers are protected against personal liability arising out of their role for the charity.